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NES 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 18th – #Happy30thNES

NES 30th Anniversary ann #Happy30thNES nintendo platinumfungi

The NES turns 30 (in the USA) on October 18th, and retro gamers around the world are joining together to celebrate! This is an online international event, being held on all social media and every corner of the web. To tie everything together as one big party, we’ll be rocking all posts/content with the custom hashtag – #Happy30thNES.

Read on for more details about the event below :)
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The ‘Backlit Metroid NES’ – a tribute for the #metroidcelebration

backlit metroid celebration nes nintendo samus platinumfungi noel mcewen airbrush mother brain zebes

This one-of-a-kind Metroid themed NES was created as a collaborative project between myself and Noel McEwen of ‘Airbrush by Noel McEwen’. We just unveiled it yesterday during the first day of the Metroid Celebration – #metroidcelebration.

We’re both big Metroid fans, and wanted to try and create an art piece that captured the spirit of playing the game. In preparation for this project, I played though Metroid and took note of what stood out the most to me. The final battle through Tourian, and then against Mother Brain, seemed a fitting scene. It’s absolute chaos compared to the rest of Zebes, and the first time you get that far you’re probably going to die. You just have no idea what to expect. The flurry of enemy fire and the lava hazards create one heck of a final NES boss confrontation.

Read on for more info and photos!
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The ‘Backlit TMNT 30th Anniversary NES’

backlit tmnt 30th ann nes nintendo teenage mutant ninja turtles platinumfungi jared guynes custom guy 2014 movie

Just in time for the new movie release, we are proud to present the ‘Backlit TMNT 30th Anniversary NES’!

Weeks of planning, over 500 messages, 150+ man hours of labor, countless mockups and revisions, working all hours of the day and night, and a lot of love went into this tribute that honors the original black and white TMNT comic books.

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GOING UP FOR AUCTION soon – The Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES

backlit mega man 25th ann anniversary nes nintendo case mod custom platinumfungi platinum fungi capcom blue led

I have been thrilled by the amazing feedback I’ve received about this custom NES since I went public with it earlier this month :D I thank each and every one of you that have sent me messages, ‘Liked’ my Facebook page, and shared my work on your websites and with your friends. It truly means a lot to me. Your positive comments and support keep me motivated to continue creating NES art.

Due to popular demand, I have decided to auction it off in about two weeks. I will keep you updated as we get closer to the date, and eventually post the link to the auction both here and on my Facebook page. I will also soon publicly show the as of yet unseen custom controllers that go along with this system! I hope you all enjoy them.

Stay tuned, and THANK YOU ALL for your support!

Ryan Fitzpatrick
aka Platinumfungi


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