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Who am I?
My name is Ryan. I’m a jack of all trades kind of guy, but mostly I identify with being an artist, a tinkerer/maker, and a retro gamer. I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs and have a good array of skill sets. I have a ridiculous number of interests, and it seems I’m always finding something new I enjoy and want to learn more about. I will forever be a ‘student’, always learning. I currently live in Springfield, MO, USA.


Do I sell my creations?
Yes. I offer limited availability commissions for a wide variety of work including custom video game art systems and props. I enjoy bringing something new to the gaming community. If you’re interested in anything, please send me a message and we can discuss the details.


What are my favorite video games?
My number one all time favorite video game is Ninja Gaiden for the NES. My other top favorites include: The Legend of Zelda (NES), Lords of Thunder (Turbo Duo), Earthbound (SNES), DOOM (PC), and Splatterhouse (Arcade).


How did I get into this line of work?
That’s a long story. Are you ready? Here we go.

I grew up playing video games. My friends and I probably spent half of our free waking hours playing Nintendo, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. Every weekend and practically every day after school was filled with playing games. I ate, drank, and slept the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.  During high school, I found myself with less free time, and eventually video games started taking a back burner to more pressing activities.

As a young adult I started to collect some of the older games and systems I had always wanted to play but never had the opportunity to. They were very affordable at that point in time because they were the older, less popular, choice. Most people were, or already had, moved on to the Playstation, Nintendo 64, or Sega Saturn, and then a little later the Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. This was long before retro gaming was popular, and few people gave a second glace to casting off their older, ‘inferior’, games. So, I scored a lot of great games for very little money. Unfortunately, my life continued to get busier, and I found myself playing even less than before. I just couldn’t seem to make time for it.

Fast forward to 2006. I found myself in possession of some of the rarer video game systems I had wanted for quite awhile. The problem? They were sold to me as ‘working’, but were actually malfunctioning.  The seller said I could return the systems and get my money back, but I wasn’t about to start the search all over again. I was adamant that I would get them up and running. Knowing nothing about video game hardware, I went straight to the internet for help. I had played around with computers, and I assumed it couldn’t be that different, right…? After a lot of internet searching and some careful poking around I was actually able to repair one of them! With that success, I marched onward with new found inspiration. Before long I had repaired all the systems I had set out to. It was an amazing feeling to say the least.

I continued learning more and more about video game hardware. I did lots of repairs and audio/video upgrades to almost every system from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s that I could get my hands on. I started getting really tired of doing the same procedures though. It was the same thing over and over. I’m an art/design type of guy and I wanted something more creative. So, I began thinking up ways that I could bring something new to the gaming scene. I wanted to create things that I’d never seen before. Things that I wanted to see but no on ever made. Out of this brainstorming came my aesthetic mods like the ‘Backlit NES’ systems and the ‘Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast’ that you see here on my site. I continue to create mods of this nature, and always have several more projects right around the corner.

Then, a few years ago, some of my friends approached me about being an extra in one of their Youtube videos. Here again I had no experience, but it sounded fun so I said yes. I sat in as an extra, then eventually ‘acted’ a little here and there too. My friends found out about my background in art/design and they asked  if I could make a prop for an upcoming video. I agreed, and found I had stumbled upon a new passion. Something about the creation process of the props/costumes was very satisfying for me. Eventually the group decided to start focusing on video game themed videos, and I found myself in paradise – making real life versions of things from the very video games I so adored.

So, here the story brings you more or less up to date.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any other questions.

15 Responses to FAQ

  1. james west

    Hey man you do awesome work! I was thinking about starting to mod a few systems of mine but not sure where to start really. Do you have any kind of guides or anything like that? Maybe even where you get your parts from. Any info most likely will help. I’m actually from Missouri also. Thanks for you time. Awesome work you do again hope I can manage to do half the job you have done.

      • Anthony

        I really admire your work. I too am interested in starting this as a hobby. Do you have any suggestions as to what supplies to use? Like, airbrush guns, cutting tools, supplies used for buffing, places to get decals made, etc. The lines you cut into your NES’s look perfect! I just need a place to start, most of my google results come up with just spray painting and nothing even close to the quality and detail of your work.

  2. Stan

    Hello fellow tinkerer!
    Let me bounce off an idea to you. It’s something I have thought about doing and the idea re-emerged looking through your site. But think it may require a bit more skill to complete.
    It’s just making a replica of a prop in a film. I’ll try and paint the scene.
    In Back to the Future II, when Doc Brown and Marty go to the future home of the McFlys’ in Hillsdale, the family is having dinner when the phone rings… Martys’ kids screen the call through headwear. Personally I think google should of made their glass more like this.
    Tell me what you think.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. jeremy

    I saw your work on the mega man nes. BLEW MY MIND!!! I don’t play nes anymore though. All I’ve seen from you is making nes customs. I play my snes all the time. When tings in my life get to complicated I escape into “Nintendo land”(snes that is). It reminds me of a more simple time in my life. I love old school Mario. Namely 3&4(akaworld). I have lots of Mario merchandise. Would love to see what you could do with a snes having mario in mind. I would say Mario World would have to be the inspiration. You know cape Mario; Red,yellow,blue shells. I Know there is not a lot blank surface area on a snes. Would love to see any ideas you may have. Your the artist here. just want to through some ideas at you though and see what you come up with. Power button and reset button turtle shell pattern and different colors. Doesn’t have to be but, if you can work out a color scheme to make it all work. My favorite colors are blue and yellow. Red is also good for me. Maybe a red power button and a blue reset a green eject button with a Cape Mario on it somewhere. I just can’t figure out what background(or all the light grey) color to use. Maybe the space underneath the power button is were Mario should go. The space under the reset Luigi could be there??? Or That space could be some kind of play off of the Mario spot(Mario is kicking a shell over there…or something)?? Just off the cuff ideas. Your the artist here and hopefully the creator. Just my ideas. I know I can make this happen myself but, I also know I cant do it like you!!!I saw what you Mega Man system went for and I dont have that type of money to spend on this type of thing. I do have some money to spend on it though, or I would not be asking you.
    In conclusion dont go all out on this and carve out and sand and…….. Just think of how you can do it as cheap as possible with the least amount of hours put into it and still make it look like I didnt do it. Even if you show me an artist rendition of what you come up with and I cant afford it…..I would love to see what you can do with a snes! I guarantee what you come up with WILL sell for what you what to get.
    Last thought. I mentioned my love of Mario. Mario is my “escape” cause it is so easy to play just off muscle memory. Thats why I go back to it first and will always love Mario. With that being said. I am the best Super Metriod player i have ever seen (In my prime that is). I noticed that you stated that it is also one of your favorite games. If this goes down how i want it to. Snes cutom Metriod is next!!
    Get back with me when you can. akikimonster@gmail.com or for all my old schoolers akikimonster@aol.com. yes it is still active and i still check it! Cant wait to hear from you . very excited about this!

  4. Angelo

    Hey whats up! my names angelo.. i just wanted to say thanks for your Samus aran helmet guide… today i just finished buying all the pieces parts and im waiting for the motorcycle helmet to come in soon…but im stoked to do this.. i saw your guide and there was no question about it, it was love at first site LOL!…thanks again, much love!

  5. Vince Garcia

    I just saw a post on Google+ featuring the Ninja Turtles NES. THAT IS AWESOME WORK! When I read your story and laughed, because I still have all my systems, back to the Atari and they still work and I still play them. I am a HUGE fan of TMNT and my boy Mega Man or Rocket Man (from the 1st game). Metal Man is my fave villain robot. I have all the TMNT DVDs and still collecting the 90s cartoon series. I was curious how much you charge for the TMNT design and I understand that you are busy and it takes time for something like this. I was just wondering. Thanks for you time and again AWESOME WORK!!

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  7. James

    Amazed by the work you do. Wondering if you would be interested in doing an Uncanny XMen NES? Love the artwork on the box and one of my favorite games.

  8. Greg

    Heya Ryan,
    I’m a fellow resident of Springfield and I love your art pieces. I first noticed a Samus helmet in a window of a shop downtown while randomly passing by, then later saw some of your other creations in Vintage Stock, and now you’re getting to be pretty popular! I just saw the link on MetroidDatabase to your recent contest and shared it, even though I was a bit late. It’s cool to see someone from around here and find a fellow fan of Metroid and other games, but it’s even more cool to find someone producing such creative pieces of art that I can really relate to. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of your stuff around town. Have fun!

  9. Danny

    I would like to talk to you about purchasing a ninja turtle NES. If you can shoot me an email about price and other details that would be great! Have you made a Ninja Gaiden NES, you mentioned that as one of your favs? Ive seen one by biocustomconsoles. Looked pretty nice but after seeing your work I think you can top theirs. Anyway hope to hear back from you soon i know your busy. Thanks


    • Hey Danny! Thanks for your patience with my reply. I would love to do a Ninja Gaiden themed NES. I have yet to create one, but it’s been on my list for quite awhile. I’ve sent you an email so we can discuss the project. Thanks!

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