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The ‘Backlit Metroid NES’ – a tribute for the #metroidcelebration

backlit metroid celebration nes nintendo samus platinumfungi noel mcewen airbrush mother brain zebes

This one-of-a-kind Metroid themed NES was created as a collaborative project between myself and Noel McEwen of ‘Airbrush by Noel McEwen’. We just unveiled it yesterday during the first day of the Metroid Celebration – #metroidcelebration.

We’re both big Metroid fans, and wanted to try and create an art piece that captured the spirit of playing the game. In preparation for this project, I played though Metroid and took note of what stood out the most to me. The final battle through Tourian, and then against Mother Brain, seemed a fitting scene. It’s absolute chaos compared to the rest of Zebes, and the first time you get that far you’re probably going to die. You just have no idea what to expect. The flurry of enemy fire and the lava hazards create one heck of a final NES boss confrontation.

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The Backlit Apocalyptic Mega Man NES

Backlit Apocalyptic Mega Man NES nintendo platinumfungi custom airbrush art capcom rockman

Currently on display at Gallery iam8bit in Los Angeles, California, I present to you the ‘Backlit Apocalyptic Mega Man NES’! This is a very unique collaborative art piece. I teamed up with artists Noel McEwen and Gary Bedell to bring this one to life.

Read on for more photos and information about the project!

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Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES Controllers

backlit mega man 25th ann anniversary nes nintendo controllers case mod custom platinumfungi platinum fungi capcom blue led

Happy to announce that this set of controllers will be added to the ebay auction for the ‘Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES’! Custom NES Guy and I just finished these up! Hope you like them.

The front half of the controllers are dark blue, the back half is light blue. Black lines run along all the edges to help the color really pop. The A and B button are also painted dark blue. I even created custom overlays to match the Mega Man console design while trying to remain true to the look of the original overlays.

What do you think?

backlit mega man 25th ann anniversary nes nintendo case mod custom controllers platinumfungi platinum fungi capcom blue led


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