The Metroid Celebration has started!

backlit metroid celebration nes nintendo samus platinumfungi noel mcewen airbrush mother brain zebes

Today marks the USA anniversary of Metroid on the NES and the #metroidcelebration is off to a wonderful start!

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Already this morning, Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka, the famous composer for Metroid, Earthbound, Super Mario Land, Tetris, Dr. Mario, and more, joined in and gave his thanks on Twitter for all the Metroid support:
backlit metroid nes celebration #metroidcelebration nintendo hirokazu hip chip tanaka

After Tanaka-san joined in, things quickly gathered steam and it is currently Trending on Twitter.

metroid celebration #metroidcelebration twitter trending platinumfungi mcewen samus cosplay

Stay tuned! The event starts today, but I will continue to celebrate into next week with PRIZE GIVEAWAYS and more. Join the fun and post your Metroid memories, artwork, music, videos, cosplay, and more using #metroidcelebration. Each post acts as an entry to win the prizes :)

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