Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES

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The year is 2013, and a super robot named Mega Man is celebrating his 25th anniversary.  In honor of this special occasion I present to you this one-of-a-kind NES. From one Blue Bomber fan to another, I hope you enjoy my creation.

See lots of photos and the back story after the break.

This is a fully functioning NES and an art piece. I made this mod entirely by hand – the cutting, filing, sanding, wiring, soldering, creating the 8-bit Mega Man pixel by pixel (which I’ll just say once – took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.), etc. Everything was done with hand tools. No professional cutting, etching, or other machines were used. I lost track of how many hours went into this weeks ago – it was truly a labor of love.

Having never created a system with this level of detail before, I had to experiment and develop new techniques as I went along. In the end I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I even made custom decals, including new AV port labels for the side and rear of the system. You can see them in the photos below.

The backlit 8-bit character mod and custom decals were just part of my plan though. I hired the very talented Custom NES Guy to provide an awesome system paint job using high quality automotive paints and clear coat. Thanks again Jared!

(FYI, the colors in the photos, especially the night shots, are a little off compared to what they look like in person but they give you a good idea. Click each photo for a larger view.)









Happy 25th anniversary Mega Man. Wherever you are, we still love you.

Questions? Comments? Project ideas? Let me know :)

Stay tuned…I’m continuing the Mega Man anniversary celebration soon…



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25 Responses to Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES

  1. Syrus

    Give this man a medal already.

    A true piece of art.

    Everything is spot on.

  2. Hi, i’m french retrogaming fan and i love this custom nes.
    I write a news on my website. Thanks for your works ;)

  3. Deven

    These are impressive case mods. Do you intend to sell any of them?

  4. bearmon2010

    I like it very much but I rather Famciom version over American’s version. It would be great to be on Famicom console. :)

  5. doyle

    I thought mega man came out in 87? Awesome artwork I love the backlighting. Love the nostalgia

    • doyle

      Nm this whole year will be its 25th. First game I got for the nes besides mario. I just can’t get over how great this is

  6. Kyle

    I want one so bad

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t stop dancing in my seat at the thought of this existing somewhere.

  8. Josh

    Shut up and take my money. Excellent console mod.

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  18. daniel_gsp

    Absolutely beautiful!
    You have done an amazing work here my friend, I’ll make sure every NES fan I know sees this :p

  19. Cyryl

    I’m surprised that no one has said this yet but…

    Guess I WILL.



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  21. Robert

    How can I get one !!!!!:D

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